The iPhone 6s new bugs

According to foreign media reports in the official Apple technical support web site posted a information about the iPhone 6s battery percentage according to problem.

According to some iPhone users reaction, part of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus in the process of using the battery at the top right of the screen shows that there is a problem, it is nearly no electricity, but the system still display and 80% power. Apple said in the official technical support web site has a problem to investigate, and trying to solve positively.

Apple said that the main cause of the problem is that as the battery power consumption, the system battery percentage display status will not automatically be updated.

If you are traveling in manual update iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus time or time zone, you may notice that the percentage of the battery cannot be updated. It is understood that this is not the first time that the battery icon appears unable to update the problem, this problem first appeared in September last year, after the phone clock Settings are part of the user manual adjustment will appear this problem.

Apple temporary measures are given.

1, Restart the iPhone

2, Settings – general – date and time, set to open automatically. After estimate will change in the system upgrade next time.

Samsung Z3 is expected next year in international promotion

Samsung Z3 launch in India, Samsung decided this year to push Samsung Z3 to more markets in the world. According to foreign media, Samsung was first launched in Russia, then listing in more market in Europe and Indonesia and other countries.

Samsung Z3 is one of the few beyond the Galaxy series of products, carrying the Tizen OS, does not use Android. Tizen OS only Samsung in use at present. Configuration, the CPU is a quad core 1.3 GHz processor. Using 5 inch screen, resolution is only 720 p.

Microsoft Lumia 850 or Lumia750 passed 3C certification

Latest news shows that there is a configuration of mid-range models has passed 3C certification, China machine code for the RM – 1182, just don’t know this phone will be in the company sold Lumia 750 or Lumia 850.


Sources say the phone with qualcomm snapdragon 617 processor, supplemented by 2 gb memory fuselage and 16 gb storage, screen size is 5.4 inches, resolution is 1080 p; Will use 10 million pixels main camera.

In addition, the phone is likely to be officially released MWC convention next month.

LG release 2016 MWC conference poster

LG has just released a poster saying “play BEGINS, February 21, 2016, Barcelona”, although the literal completely, but we can be a guess.

Since the rear has a music box, and a non specifically targeted of the conference, we would like to see most, natural associated with music is a smart phone.

Another speculation is natural music services, LG has released in August last year their mobile phones to high quality music services. Again, the possibility of streaming media services, the cause of the speculation is naturally LG launched before, much room sound system.

Released in Korea LG K10 this week

Last week at CES exhibition on display at LG K7 and K10, LG K10 on January 14, will be officially on sale in South Korea, believe that this phone will be in the next period of time within the global scope.

LG K10 adopted the so-called “pebbles” design, backplane micro arc slide for the best grip. Mobile phone is not small, but it is not the size of the flat phone: 146 x 74.8 x 8.8 mm, the screen size is 5.3 inches, resolution 720 p.

LG K10 with a frequency of 1.2 GHz eight core chip (unknown), supplemented by 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM and support development. Camera, the collocation of rear K10 the pre – 8 million + 8 million, battery capacity is 2300 mah, run Android 5.1. In terms of below $200.

Rumors Sony PlayStaion VR cost up to $800

Amazon Canada website inadvertently revealed yesterday Sony PlayStation VR price, cost up to c $1125 ($800). Before long, web page was taken down. Then Sony said in a statement: “this is amazon’s mistake, we haven’t announced PlayStation VR price.”

The Oculus declared open the Oculus Rift wore a virtual device pre-sale, sells for $599, the company co-founder Palmer said Luckey has apologized to his fans, he underestimated the helmet price, before he also claimed that the cost price is the price of $599.

Has long been Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR headsets for attention, it can determine the product best-selling, at the same time, it will set benchmark for other firms. The current published price just Oculus Rift, the following will be announced HTC turn Vive helmet prices.

Sony PlayStaion VR delivery time yet, Oculus Rift is due to start in March shipment, HTC Vive4 month shipment. Theoretically Sony PlayStaion VR than its rivals have an advantage, because it can be used with PlayStaiont 4, PS4 price is not high, only about $350. Hinder the Rift and Vive forward is a computer, a powerful computers now is still very expensive, to nearly $1500. According to the Nvidia, less than 1% of global computer support VR technology. PC need powerful graphics card to at 90 frames per second on the helmet display images, standard computer only 30 frames per second.

Sony CEO hirai at CES also revealed that the company is developing more than 100 games, they will be used in virtual reality helmet.

LG 15U560 CES show

LG in CES 2016 show 15U560 released the 15.6 inch notebook, it runs Win10 system, equipped with a 3840 x2160 4 k resolution display, Intel core processors, sixth 8 gb of memory and 940 m nvidia graphics operation. This machine provides 1TB HDD and 512GB SSD two fuselage storage options, but also equipped with Harman Kardon speakers.

LG 15U560

LG 15U560 airframe design, most of them adopt white screen bezel is black, and also specifically for Harman Kardon build a piece of silver plate. LG 15U560 slightly larger size, but when you see the 4 k screen you will completely be attracted, LG didn’t divulge the machine price and time to market and region.

Apple introduced the New Year version of Apple Watch

As the New Year’s footsteps approaching, the Apple official Chinese users against limited edition Watch Apple launched a New Year, with red strap, and packaging can add 40 yuan red New Year.

New limited edition Apple Watch only in mainland China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore and Malaysia’s sales in China, need to buy before February 22.
New limited edition Watch Apple has two versions optional, red strap with silver aluminum metal casing and red strap with gold metal casing, 38 mm price 2588 yuan, and 42 mm is 2988 yuan.

In addition to the good news, it’s now apple store all product support China merchants bank, industrial and commercial bank, and the grace period for 12 installment purchase of the agricultural bank of China.

Huawei CES 2016 new product release

CES conference in 2016, in addition to Mate 8, Huawei also bring new tablet, the new Huawei Watch and the Nexus 6 new color.


Huawei Mate 8 presented for the first, in the design and configuration on its basic consistent with the legal channels version, as early as November 26, 2015, huawei Mate but had its world debut in China, this appeared at CES was posted abroad listed details such as price and sale area. Huawei Mate 8 overseas for: 3 gb RAM + 32 gb ROM version of 599 euros, 4 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM version of 699 euros, will be put on sale in 30 different areas.


That new tablet is huawei’s MediaPad M2 – a resolution of 1920 x 10.1 inch tablet. It built in four speakers, MediaPad M2 also adopts the advanced handwritten Pen, deserve to go up 2048 levels of pressure M – Pen Pen, can easily realize multiple functions such as writing, drawing, etc. In addition, the MediaPad M2 10.0 also supports touch fingerprint identification. Price, 2 gb RAM + 16 gb ROM WiFi version of the price of $349, the same configuration of LTE version for $399; 3 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM equipped with WiFi version of the stylus for $419, with the configuration of the LTE version for $469. Will be in 26 regions, including China, ipo.


CES 2016

Flat after wearable devices, Huawei Watch did not launch hardware concept of new product, but is designed for female users of Huawei Watch, they respectively are stud lines, Elegant style, with Paris and inlaid with 68 swarovski crystal Jewel. At the same time, Huawei also close to make many women dial, Huawei also announced Huawei now Watch can directly dial phone functions are implemented by the built-in microphone. Price, Huawei Watch Elegant version for $499, together with swarovski to create Jewel of the new price is $599, will be in 27 regions, including China, ipo.

CES 2016


The CES show before the conference, huawei for many Nexus 6p fans launched a new version of the golden Nexus 6p, enriched the user selection. Configuration, the Nexus 6p is the first with all metal body of the Nexus, it USES a 5.7 -inch Amoled screen. carrying snapdragon 810 processors, with 3 gb of memory and 3450 mah battery, the rear 13 million pixels main camera, support for fingerprint identification.

LG display 18 inches can roll screen

LG in CES will show in the display of the leading-edge technology, can display. Yes it may be rolled up like a newspaper, more easily away and carry them wherever you go. According to an AD released before LG, should be to 18 inches of a sample.

Can I imagine that it was not long before we can use the flexible tablets. It will be able to break the limitation of intelligent mobile phone appearance design.